Happy Anniversary and Birthday!

Volt Industrial Plastics logo

This week, Volt will be celebrating two momentous occasions. Our CEO and founder Joe Volltrauer will be celebrating another birthday June 1, and Volt Industrial Plastics will be marking 23 years in business. The party, planned for Friday, May 29 will commemorate both events.

At 70+ (you will have to ask his age), Joe continues to be an active voice in VIP affairs. He is also enjoying his ability to say "Good night" in the morning as he heads out the door.

Here at Volt, you will find 14 employees with over 10 years and, of those, 10 have over 15 years with the company. The past two years have been the best we have seen and VIP continues to grow and to add new employees as needed.

The building where it all began in Flippin, Arkansas.

Our new building here in Yellville, Arkansas, is about 40,000 square feet bigger. It gives us lots more room for in stock merchandise, new machines, and production floor space!


Our founder and CEO Joe Volltrauer's smile has remained 100 watt!